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5 Stars


Amazing service! I was able to conquer 7 loads of laundry in 2 hours! Washing & drying. I only spent $14. FREE dryers are a saving grace. Ashley was so helpful and wonderful. Great customer service! So happy I found this place!


This place is so vibrant! The owner has really changed it. New washers! New dryers...everything spic and span. The people are warm. I loved it. If you wash here, the dryers are absolutely free. Do 10 washes here and get 11th one for free. Apple Pay, visa, discover, MasterCard welcome.l.. Soooooo cool!!! Just love it.


Great. It was my first time at a laundromat and she assisted me and was very helpful. I was very pleased with the service. I was very pleased with how clean the establishment was.


This place was clean and staff was helpful.


My Laundry Spot is a fantastic place for family laundry time. The staff is always helpful and awesome and today I visited and Ashley was SUPER helpful. Our card wouldn't work with the machine and she helped us figure it out and was kind and sweet the whole time. Awesome service here.


I just want to say thank you to Ashley because she is very helpful. Yesterday my son misplaced the detergent and Ashley fixed the problem. Also Ashley helped me to know how many loads of clothes I can put in the washer machines, and when I came back to pick up my clothes from the dryer machine, Ashley told me that she added more time because some clothes were wet. Thanks Ashley, you are the best.