Commercial Laundry & Linen Cleaning Services for Businesses and Industries in and around Sacramento, CA

My Laundry Spot specializes in commercial laundry service near Sacramento.

We do laundry for many businesses and industries in areas surrounding our laundromat.  We provide FREE pickup and delivery of your company's laundry and make it as convenient as possible.

We do linen cleaning service for small hotels, motels, Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and Bed & Breakfasts, as well as any other kind of vacation rentals.  My Laundry Spot does sheets and towels and can have your linens back to you the very next day.

We also provide commercial laundry service to medical facilitieshospitals and clinics.  We wash scrubs, jackets, sheets, and towels for doctors, dentists, physical therapists, chiropractors, veterinarians, and even vet hospitals.

Our commercial laundry service does laundry for gymsspasyoga studiosgolf courses, and recreation centers.  We wash towels and cleaning supplies.

Commercial laundry service for manufacturers and the manufacturing industry usually involves laundering shop towels and aprons.  

We launder tablecloths, uniforms, chair covers, and cleaning rags for restaurants, bars, catering companies, pizza parlors, delis and others in the restaurant industry.

My Laundry Spot services the beauty industry too.  We we wash towels and capes for barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, and massage therapists.  We also launder for pet grooming salons!

We wash sports and band uniforms for schools and wash sheets and blankets for preschools.  If it needs washing, let us do the work!  We love our job and we do it well.

Commercial Laundry is priced by the job.  The amount of laundry, frequency and difficulty folding are all factors taken into consideration when arriving at your price. Please email us for a bid.